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If you are reading this page, it means perhaps: are you our potential client? Or maybe a potential partner? Or are you an expert in a field that we have not yet mastered? ..

In any case, our team is sincerely glad to you. And these are not ordinary words. Judge for yourself - if you treat us kindly and positively, then sooner or later our paths will cross, and we will be useful to each other: you will learn something from us, and we will learn something from your experience and knowledge. If you treat us negatively, this is also good, as it will help us understand what needs to be corrected and improved. Even if the negative is just a way of your life and you accidentally came to us, then in this case it is not difficult for us to wave benevolently at you on the trail on your way. Such is ours - OUR TEAM.


Владислав Емченко

Vladyslav Yemchenko

Yymchenko Vladislav - expert practitioner in the field of ensuring the security of entrepreneurship and business. Full member of the Ukrainian Association of non-instrumental lie detection.

Experience in non-state security over 20 years.


✔ resolution of problem and crisis situations in business

✔ strategic planning and controlling

✔ study of business partners and competitors

✔ personnel and management consulting

✔ assessment of the reliability of information

✔ operational psychodiagnostics

✔ mediation

Yuriy Cohut

Yuriy Kohut

An expert in the field of integrated business risk management.

He has more than 20 years of experience in developing and implementing risk management systems for banks and companies, ensuring the security of investment projects, and providing information and analytical support for mergers and acquisitions.

General Director Consulting Company Sidcon.

• Member of the World Association of Detectives (WAD);

• Director of the Bureau for Countering Commercial Crimes and Corruption at ICC Ukraine;


• CCI of Ukraine.

Oleg Didych

Оleg Didych

President of the public organization "Association of Veterans of the Security Service of Ukraine" Seven "," lieutenant colonel in the reserve of the Security Service of Ukraine.

Head of consulting agency "Service Seven".

✔ resolution of problem and crisis situations in business

✔ professional counter-surveillance - surveillance tracking

✔ activities to ensure the safety of children - the project "Control kids"


Serhey Senyk

Serhiy Senyk

An expert on private detective work in Ukraine and on the international markets for the protection of business and personality. Author of a large number of articles in the media, a participant in many television programs, covering the problems of security and the protection of the interests of business and personality. 1st Vice - President of the International Association of Investigators and Anti-Crisis Experts (previously - All-Ukrainian Association of Private Detectives).




International Assosiation of Investigators and Anti-Crisis Experts



International Business Protection Holding

IBP Holding

International Business Protection Holding


Association of International Economic Cooperation

Association for International Economic Cooperation

unites experts and high-level specialists in the field of applied analytics in all areas of business and international cooperation.